Pocket Switched Networks: Mobility at work

Christophe Diot
Christophe Diot, Technicolor, France


Departing from most simulation based works performed in academia, we survey 5 years of pioneering work in the area of opportunistic ad-hoc communication taking both an experimental and analytical approach. The presentation has two parts: We present first the major findings that we have made on human mobility and on the feasibility of opportunistic ad-hoc communication. We then describe our research on epidemic communication in social communities. We show that the key parameter in opportunistic content dissemination is the density of contact, and that the social characteristics of the nodes have very little impact. We discuss the overall idea of content mobility and identify directions for future research.


 Christophe Diot received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from INP Grenoble in 1991. With INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (Oct 93-Sept 98), Diot pioneered diffserv, single source multicast, and peer-to-peer online games. At Sprint (Oct 98-Apr 03), he pioneered Internet measurements. Diot was with Intel Research from May 03 to Sept 05, and then joined Thomson where he started two research labs: Paris in 2006 and Palo Alto in 2011. Diot's research activities now focus on content delivery architectures and personalization. Diot has around 20 patents and more than 300 publications in major conferences and journals. Thomson became Technicolor in 10. Diot is currently Chief Scientist at Technicolor. He is an ACM fellow..