Research and Development at Facebook

Rodrigo Schmidt
Rodrigo Schmidt Facebook, USA


Facebook has quickly become one of the biggest technology companies worldwide. Today hundreds of highly-qualified engineers work at the company, doing research and development in different areas of Computer Science, from user interface experience to hardware design. In this talk I'll cover different aspects of our engineering work, environment, and culture, with focus on several projects I've been involved with since I joined the company. The presentation will include distributed systems to efficiently store and retrieve huge amounts of data, techniques to deal with massive real-time notifications over the web, and lessons on building cross-platform products that scale to hundreds of millions of people.


Dr. Rodrigo Schmidt is originally from Brazil, where he obtained his BSE and MS degrees in Computer Science (from FURG and Unicamp, respectively). In 2003 he moved to Switzerland to start his PhD at EPFL. His thesis focused on efficient algorithms for database replication and models to prove their correctness. Rodrigo joined Facebook after his PhD graduation, in 2008, and has been extremely happy there. Prior to Facebook, during his academic career, he held part-time positions in a number of small companies and universities in Brazil, did an internship at HP Labs in Bristol, England, and had a quick start-up venture of his own.